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Deal of the Month - Stéphanie Roy discusses the acquisition of Piedade Group by Oeneo in Finance Monthly

07 December 2015 | Publications

In September 2015, Oeneo Group announced the acquisition of the Piedade Group, Portugal’s benchmark manufacturer of cork closures, after signing an agreement subject to conditions precedent in July 2015. Oeneo Group was accompanied by STCPartners (Partner Stéphanie Roy, Of Counsel Mehdi Ouchallal and Associate Clémence Corpet) with the assistance of Portuguese lawfirm...

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STCPartners mentioned on Bloomberg Business about the acquisition of Piedade by Oeneo

17 September 2015 | Publications

With Stéphanie Roy, Partner, Mehdi Ouchallal, Of Counsel and Clémence Corpet, Associate. Read the article online Our Press Release

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Publication of the 2015 edition of the "French Corporate Tax Review" edited by Emmanuel Dinh

19 June 2015 | Publications

Editorial The “Revue de Fiscalité de l’Entreprise” was created in 2011. Its initial purpose was the publication of an annual review of legal scholarship made up of articles in French relating to French tax subjects written by the students of the Master of Corporate Taxation (“Master de Fiscalité de l’entreprise”, known as...

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Prescription de l'action en comblement du passif

27 April 2015 | Publications

On le sait, l’action en comblement de passif est régie par un régime indépendant de celui de l’action en responsabilité des dirigeants de droit commun. Le principe est que ces actions ne peuvent se cumuler. Un point important est celui de la prescription des actions en responsabilité contre les dirigeants,...

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STCPARTNERS, member of Andersen Global, in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

25 January 2015 | Publications

Interview of Joe Toce, a board member of Andersen Global and regional managing director for the Eastern Region of Andersen Tax, the founding member firm of Andersen Global. Excerpt : MCC :  (…) In the U.S., Andersen Tax provides tax consultation, tax advisory and valuation services. What is different in Europe?...

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