Patrimonial / Family Business

Patrimonial / Family Business

Private and/or professional assets

STCPARTNERS assists private individuals and family-owned companies (whether or not using a family office) by providing innovative, comprehensive and tax efficient solutions for the structuring of business or private assets at both domestic and international levels.

Our Patrimonial Tax practice is committed to assisting its clients in their estate planning and management (e.g., acquisition of equity stake, disposals, shareholders’agreements amoung family members etc.) taking into account their specific needs and their family environment and relationships.

To this end, our practice relies also on the support from our Corporate practice and from global teams of experts across the globe in order to provide adequate solutions suitable to each entrepreneur or family-owned business and satisfying our clients’ expectations.

Compensation and benefits strategy

Our Patrimonial Tax practice also assists managers in structuring in a tax efficient way their remuneration at both domestic and international levels (e.g., implementation of split payroll, impatriation bonus, etc.)

STCPARTNERS also provides assistance regarding the implementation of management packages, stock-option plans, free shares plans and other compensation schemes.

Tax Litigation

The Patrimonial Tax practice assists its clients in  tax litigations and in negotiatinf and entering into settlement agreements with the French tax administration.