Corporate Tax

STCPARTNERS has developed an expertise in the tax structuring of mergers and acquisitions, in tax litigation, in transfer pricing and more generally, in all direct and indirect corporate tax matters in both a domestic and an international context. Our corporate tax practice advises corporations, investment funds and individuals from all jurisdictions in connection with transactions such as acquisitions, LBOs, asset finance and disposals in all classes of assets, including properties.

Our corporate tax practice has particular expertise in the following:

Mergers & Acquisitions structuring

STCPARTNERS applies its expertise to offering adequate and tax efficient structures for acquisitions and financings regardless of their context (including notably, general corporate acquisitions, LBO transactions, LMBO transactions, etc.) and at both domestic and global levels.
Using an established due diligence methodology, STCPARTNERS also assists vendors and buyers in identifying tax issues at target(s) level.

Tax management strategies

STCPARTNERS daily assists clients with their corporate tax management strategies regarding both direct (i.e., tax result assessment, effective tax rate management, etc.) and indirect (i.e., VAT) taxes. Beyond daily tax management, STCPARTNERS also assists its clients with highly complex reorganizations (such as mergers, partial asset contributions, demergers or else) by providing tailored and tax efficient solutions (e.g., tax deficit management, obtaining of tax rulings from the relevant tax authorities, intercompany transactions, etc.).

Tax litigation

STCPARTNERS assists its clients during tax reviews and takes a pragmatic and constructive view in that respect. Indeed, priority is given to negotiated solutions as a result of a constant and sustained dialogue with the auditors and the relevant administrations. Such view is underpinned by our strong insight of the judicial and administrative practices. Nonetheless, STCPARTNERS also brought a number of cases before the judicial and administrative courts.
As a result, STCPARTNERS’ expertise in tax litigation allows it to anticipate future tax litigation when advising its clients.

Cross-border tax issues – Transfer pricing

STCPARTNERS has set up a dedicated team of experts in relation to transfer pricing matters. Indeed, the practice focuses on assisting clients with the definition of transfer pricing systems (whether for administrative services or operational flows) and the re-invoicing of intangibles used. Our practice also provides analysis of existing policies and assistance with the drafting of the transfer pricing documentation.
Our team of experts handles litigation of any kind whatsoever at both domestic and European levels and provides support with the negotiation of prior transfer pricing agreements.

Real Estate Tax

STCPARTNERS’ expertise in real estate tax focuses on offering tailored and innovative solutions in connection with the acquisition of real estate portfolio and outsourcing. In particular, STCPARTNERS assists its clients in choosing acquisition and finance structures which are adapted to their needs (e.g., setting up of real estate investment schemes (OPCIs), opting for the SIIC tax regime) and thereafter, provides assistance with their implementation.