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Etienne Pujol to discuss the new Market Abuse Regime and its impact on share plans in London this Thursday

17 November 2016 | Events

Etienne Pujol will participate in the next GEO (Global Equity Organization) meeting in London on Thursday November 17th. The topic adressed will be the latest developments following the implementation of the new Market Abuse Regime across the EU. The EU adopted new Market Abuse Regulations (MAR) this year, which directly...

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Etienne Pujol to promote the Macron Bill and Its Positive Impact on RSUs in Boston today

21 April 2016 | Events

Etienne Pujol will be one of the speakers at the 17th annual Global Equity Organization conference in Boston later today. In France, the Macron bill is now in effect and makes qualifying RSUs significantly more favorable from a tax and social charge standpoint, both for issuers and beneficiaries. This session...

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