Bruno Thomas

Bruno Thomas

Partners / Senior Advisor


Bruno advises his clients in business and corporate law matters. He is frequently involved in a wide range of cross border M&A transactions for French and international groups as well as in Companies reorganization and in projects relating to corporate governance improvement.

His expertise includes advising, drafting and negotiating.

Bruno divides his time between:

  • Corporate/M&A: SPA, warranty agreement, LBO schemes, joint-venture,
  • Governance schemes (shareholder agreements, share categories), BoD rules, BoD valuation, managers remuneration,
  • Companies reorganization (merger, contribution, partnership), contractual structure remodeling.
  • Profit sharing: employee shareholder schemes (stock options plans, international savings plan, ESPP, free shares assignment).
  • Stock exchange regulations.
  • Business ethics, compliance, transparency and anti-corruption.
  • General business advises: litigation, business agreements, distribution network, day to day general advice.

Prior to joining the Firm, Bruno worked during 29 years within PwC Law firm in Paris.


  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Companies reorganization project management
  • Governance and Compensation of executives/senior managers
  • Profit-sharing schemes : SOP, Free shares, SAR …
  • Business ethics, compliance and anti-corruption
  • Commercial terms & conditions/Contract Law