Four years after becoming the Andersen Global partner for France, our firm is strengthening our alliance within Andersen Global and its international reach, under the banner of Andersen Tax & Legal.

Bringing together over 3,000 legal and tax professionals in more than 100 offices across close to 35 countries, Andersen Global – which in Europe has become Anderson Tax & Legal – is an international association of independent, legally autonomous law firms, founded in 2013 by Andersen Tax. Andersen Tax is the leading independent private equity advisory firm in the United States.

Since its creation in Silicon Valley in 2002, Andersen Global’s international strategy has steadfastly focused on entrepreneurs and their companies, a strategy very similar to the direction taken for the past 12 years on the French market by STCPartners, who chose to assist this very category of clients around two major pillars, law and taxation.

Our unified teams already act collaboratively on a regular basis on tax and legal matters on behalf of entrepreneurs, managers, shareholders, private investors and their companies.  They help them with tax and legal matters surrounding the design and execution of their transactions, be it structuring, transactional, or wealth and estate-related.