Arbitration and Litigation

The Arbitration and Litigation practice assists corporates, investors and managers in the resolution of pre-trial disputes and litigations and in particular, when it comes to disputes between shareholders, corporate or trade litigations and managers’ liability.

Dispute prevention

Taking a preventive view to foster the proper completion of clients’ transactions, the team usually gets involved upstream the litigation and alongside the other relevant practices, with respect to litigations pertaining to investments, divestments, due diligence, pre-trial or settlement negotiations.

Complex dispute resolution

The Arbitration and Litigation practice is renowned for its ability to handle complex disputes involving diverse skills and proceedings before all kinds of jurisdictions including state and arbitration courts.

Whilst composed of experienced lawyers with strong expertise with diverse types of litigations, the Arbitration and Litigation practice develops and offers tailored dispute resolution strategies to its clients with strong industry knowledge and provides adapted solutions to the economic challenges and time constraints which are inherent to each case.
As the case requires, our experts may act before any relevant court, be it commercial, arbitral, civil, criminal or disciplinary.

Corporate criminal risk management

The Arbitration and Litigation practice assists managers and corporates with the management of corporate criminal risk and more generally, across the full spectrum of criminal issues that they may encounter.

Criminal issues are dealt with by our team of experts alongside managers and entities involved and upstream of such risks.

To this end, our lawyers regularly implement internal procedures and delegations of powers with a view to identify and prevent such risks and to enhance risk management.